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Attractive models needed to shine shoes at conventions and trade shows. Earn $250.00 plus per day. Professional training. Booth model work also available. Help needed in all of the major convention cities.

THE CLASSIC SHOE SHINE CO. will help you start a shoe shine business in your area as a licensee of THE CLASSIC SHOE SHINE CO. or we offer management consultation packages for your business start up plus shoe shiner training.

Our Management and Consultation Packages include:

  • A market study of your area to find potential locations.
  • Make initial contacts with Hotels
  • Assist you in negotiating leases with your locations.
  • Training in how to recruit and train, including the placement of ads and conducting telephone and personal interviews.
  • Training in operation and all forms and contracts necessary to operate a successful shoe shine operation.
  • Provide training manuals for your shoe shiners.
  • Provide an experienced trainer to train your initial staff.
  • Provide on going consultation for operational opportunities.

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